Vacant Property Security

Sureguards Complete Solution To Empty Property Security Bristol & UK Wide

We can ensure your vacant property is secured the same day your tenants vacate until the day construction begins,
new tenants commence occupancy or sale is completed.

Vacant Property Security company Bristol

We carry out a thorough security assessment to determine site-specific requirements. Our service includes necessary upgrades to security and safety. 

We seek to understand our clients, their requirements and their preferences in order to develop a solution that best fits their way of working and the plans for their buildings. We provide a bespoke service to suit our clients needs.

Protection against all security threats facing your Vacant property

Every good property manager aims for each development, refurbishment and re-letting to run smoothly, without any void period, from occupancy to works and from works to occupancy. In reality there are often unavoidable difficulties that mean a property will be vacant for a certain period of time while it is in between uses and thus requires security.

This can be due to purchasing the property with vacant possession or decanting a property with multiple tenants who have different lengths of lease. Properties are often left vacant when applications for planning permission exceed their estimated completion dates and tenants have already arranged to vacate.

Properties are also left vacant while construction works are put out to tender or when construction teams are running behind schedule. Longer periods of vacancy can occur due to funding and personnel restrictions that limit the number of projects which can be undertaken at a single time.

Such void periods can be indefinite and difficult to predict. During these times it is imperative to ensure that a project is not further delayed or derailed altogether by squatters taking possession of property or by metal thieves destroying the utilities infrastructure.

Even leaving a property vacant for 24hrs carries a significant risk. Squatters and metal thieves can take what they want from a building within that time. They are adept at sighting properties that are vacant or about to become vacant and we encounter cases where a property is broken into the very same day tenants or security guards leave.

Whilst vacant, properties face a range of potential threats to their security. An empty building is vulnerable to unlawful occupation (squatting), vandalism and dilapidation.

Why Use Sureguard To Protect Your Vacant Property

  • 24/7 Protection by trained & experienced professionals
  • Massive reductions in empty property rates
  • Detection of leaks, electrical problems & other issues instantly
  • Protection against squators & raves
  • Full protection against internal & external vandalism
  • 24h access for potential tenants & contractors
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