Emergency Boarding Up Window Service Bristol & South West

Our Emergency Board up Windows Service is a quick and efficient way to protect an empty property or Building.

Sureguard provide a full board up window service, emergency boarding up, security guards, alarms, cctv and more for any building that is empty or vacant or in need of immediate security and protection.

Problems with an empty property can escalate very quickly. A broken window can lead to further vandalism, access into the property and possible squatting unless appropriate action is taken quickly. Sureguard board up windows and property protection service teams provide rapid response to secure your vacant property.

This ranges from security door and window installation through to alarm response 24-hours a day, However, we take this further by providing a rapid response to customer inquiries, site surveys and security proposals to ensure that we can react to your specific requirements.

Our wooden, steel and perforated screen present a range of options for boarding up your empty property. The boards act as a deterrent, making it obvious that the property is actively being protected. Boarding up also actively protects the property and the public in the event that a window or door is damaged.

Steel Security Doors

Key features Include:

SEP Anti-vandal specification 1.2mm galvanized/powder coated steel construction

Allows full width access and removable door skin

Existing entrance door can be retained in place

Minimal damage with four flexible fixing methods

Security Doors Used By Boarding Up Services

The most popular door option features insurance approved, two five-lever mortise locks with unique differs for Secure Empty Property. Doors can be suited to client requirements including the same key for all doors, different keys for each door or two keys for each door. Lock replacement is available if keys are lost or current key holders need to be barred from access to the property.

Modular & Perforated window screens

Secure Empty Property supply and install a variety of steel security screens for hire or purchase.

Designed to suit a range of budgets, security requirements and property types.

Modular 1.2mm

galvanised/powder coated steel screens can be installed up to vulnerable first-floor level – usually in less than an hour and often the same day. Modular steel screen sizes have fixing points over their surface and utilise a variety of fixing techniques dependent on the type of property, steel studding or cable, are affixed by bolts or ratchets to internal bars in

side the property. The modular screens ‘sandwiches’ the window opening removing the need for damage to window frames and often the need to de-glaze.

We also have the option for circumstances such as, demolition / long term hire/ sale or budget, bespoke cut reveal fitting galvanised 1.2mm perforated  steel sheet cut for the window reveal size and installed with our own unique security screws.

Our Boarding Up Services Use Plywood Boards

Boarding up services

Offering a highly visibility and secure deterrent, plywood boarding up screens can be made to fit any access point. They are suitable for short term and long term security.

Steel security screens don’t always offer what you need to secure your property, plywood boarding screens are a solid alternative suitable for a range of scenarios:

  • To cover/protect a door ow window following an accident or break-ins;
  • To provide security on a short-term basis when a property is between tenants or owners;
  • To protect an unoccupied property while construction work is taking place inside.

Offering a fully customizable cover-up solution, using our plywood boarding up service can be made to measure for a full range of access points. Providing a flexible solution for empty properties at all stages of construction or demolition.

Our priority is ensuring your vaca

nt property is protected, however, we ensure that screens are fully secured to remain in place for as long as necessary. We also ensure that no additional damage is done to the building as a result of temporary boarding, for example when covering temporary glazing damage.

Interested? Contact our experienced and friendly team and we can have your property secured in hours.

All operatives assigned to reception or concierge roles have been full trained and have been through the full SIA training and have recieved there SIA qualification and license as required by law.

Our current client portfolio includes the public and private sector and we are able to supply a range of specialist roles, contact us to find out more

All our staff are supplied in a range of high quality smart uniforms or corporate suits that represent your brand whilst, at the same time, identifying us as a security presence.

Boarding windows on a vacant property serves several important purposes:

1. Security: One of the primary reasons for boarding windows is to enhance the security of a vacant property.

Vacant buildings are often attractive targets for criminals, vandals, and squatters. By boarding up the windows, you create a physical barrier that deters unauthorized access, reducing the risk of break-ins, theft, and damage to the property.

2. Safety: Boarding windows also helps to ensure the safety of the property and surrounding areas.

Broken or damaged windows pose a significant hazard, as they can shatter easily and cause injuries to people nearby. By boarding up the windows, you prevent accidents and potential liability issues.

3. Protection from the elements: Vacant properties are vulnerable to weather-related damage.

Unprotected windows can allow rain, snow, wind, and debris to enter the building, leading to water damage, mold growth, and structural deterioration.

Boarding up the windows provides a temporary barrier against the elements, minimizing the potential for weather-related issues.

4. Preservation: Boarding windows on a vacant property helps to preserve its condition. Exposure to the elements, vandalism, and unauthorized entry can lead to severe damage and devaluation of the property.

By securing the windows, you protect the building’s interior from further harm and maintain its overall integrity.

5. Neighborhood appearance: Vacant properties with broken or damaged windows can be an eyesore in the community.

Neglected buildings can reduce property values and contribute to a sense of blight in the neighborhood.

Boarding up the windows improves the appearance of the property, which can positively impact the surrounding area.

It’s important to note that boarding windows should be considered a temporary solution, particularly if you’re looking to sell or lease the property.

Long-term vacancy or neglect can have negative effects on the property’s appeal and value.

It’s generally recommended to address the underlying issues, such as finding a tenant or implementing proper security measures, rather than relying solely on boarding up the windows.

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