Why you Need the Services of a Security Key Holding Company

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There are various forms of security services required for businesses. The kind of security service required largely depends on the business sector, the size among other factors. One of the most security options that many businesses use is keyholding. Here, a key holding service ensures maximum protection of business owners together with their employees.

What is keyholding?

Keyholding is a service offered by both individuals and companies that involve the safekeeping of spare keys on behalf of businesses. A keyholding service supports business owners with access to their premises in case their keys are stolen or lost. The spare keys are usually handed over to a security company, meaning that security is guaranteed. In most cases, keyholders respond when an alarm goes off and also allow cleaners to access commercial premises and perform their duties before employees report to work. Basically, a key holding service is just an employee tasked with helping businesses operate efficiently.

Roles of keyholding services

Keyholding services play critical roles in businesses which are as follows:

a. Business opening and closing

This is probably the main responsibility of a keyholding company. Your business will be opened and closed at the appropriate time always. During the open time, the key holding service will inspect the premises, switch on lights, and deactivate security systems. During the closing time, the keyholder will do the vice versa and ensure all locks are well closed.

b. Emergency calling

Since keyholding services have access to the security systems of a property, they’re also given the mandate to make emergency calls to private security services and the police around. This role is given to keyholders due to their availability.

c. Key protection

As the name suggests, a keyholding service will keep and protect keys around the clock. The keyholder also needs to understand various aspects such as security codes for security systems including alarms. They keep all this information together with the keys so that it becomes easy to get into the premises in case of an emergency.

d. Reducing burden to employees

In most cases, businesses tend to entrust one employee with the premises keys. This places a lot of burden on the employee especially when certain duties are being carried out which include cleaning, restocking setting employee schedules, and placing orders for products. To ease this burden to the company employees, a keyholding service comes in to provide this service more professionally.

These are some responsibilities of a key holding service Bristol.

Why hire a professional keyholding company?

Keyholding services play a key role in businesses. Below are some benefits of hiring a keyholding company:

  1. 24/7 availability

A professional key holding service Bristol ensures around the clock availability. It’s required that they shouldn’t be more than 20minutes travel time from commercial premises. This means that their keyholding services are available anytime and they can attend your site even at midnight. When there’s a security threat, they’ll respond quickly and contact the authorities on time.

  1. Proper understanding of security procedures

A security key holding company has well-trained personnel who understand all security procedures such as how to restrain intruders before security authorities arrive, checking the safety of a premise, and also identifying potential intruders. Although some businesses may just find it easier to nominate one of their employees to play this role and reduce expense, it’s not the best thing to do. First, you’ll have to ensure the person is well trained on security aspects and should be available always, which isn’t possible. Nominating your employee to play this role is a security risk.

  1. Reachable

Keyholding services are always reachable meaningful that even if you lose your original key or the keyholder doesn’t report to work, you just need to make a call and get the spare key. This way, time wastage, and delay are eliminated and thus making business continuity as usual.

  1. Quick response

Since security incidents require immediate action especially on business premises, it’s essential to have a security operator standby to help protect valuable goods. A keyholder is well trained on security aspects such as the immediate response of alarms.

In conclusion, these are some benefits of a key holding service Bristol. A professional keyholding company will also ensure the proper installation of maintenance of security systems.

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